You know it is often said if something is not working or not materialising it is time to move on. I must admit I have been riveted to this spot going backward and forward trying to get a 2 hour show uploaded which just will not upload or convert to its full length. So, the show does exist but I need to surmount technical difficulties which I do not understand at the moment which is what had me riveted!

However, I thought I would leave a brief title about what part of the show really healed me. I do love doing these very strange but healing shows. I named part of this show indirect culprit because as I do, I was talking about being stalked...and this was another part of an area or style of stalking whereby it is easy to be seen as an indirect culprit if a stalker not only messes up your life, but attacks everybody else's life. But, where they are so obsessed with you. If you have then become so burden and unable to avoid taking on the energy of the obsessed stalker. It maybe that others become confused about your vibe. So, therefore every time the stalker it can feel like it is you! So, now everyone is upset saying "Lavinia, did this...Lavinia did that" all the while Lavinia has been attacked, and would not do that but has to find a way to tell the story of what is really happening, and that despite fall outs or distances created over the between who she knew or did not want to know she would not do the things the stalkers is doing to jealously disrupt the life of others.

Hopefully, at a later day I will finally solve the storage puzzle and get the track up load. But what is written up above is kind of the gist of the length piece!

Take Care

It would be silly of me to say maybe this is a sign. I want to get on camera but am weary of being on camera!

Time will tell.

The reason I created the other show was because in the first episode of Therapy is the Process I did not say a cover prayer for spared life. I had talked in the show without saying God spare life, and not taking life for granted so I was as well trying to redress that with this show!

Thanks be to God

Stay Safe

Remember we are all Blessed!

Whether we see it or accept it or not!

Natural Flowism

A Freedom of Being!



(Such a relief Full Show finally uploaded check it out below)

Indirect Culprit Suspicious Noise Nuisances [recorded 16/12/2022] Full Show