The following films show intruders trespassing into my home in suspicious circumstances. 

Please note I have no idea who any of these individuals are

Neither am I to be mistaken for any of these individuals despite resemblances!

If you do  recognise any of these individual and can be of any assistance please use the contact form below.

It would appear possibly the same intruder has continued to trespass into my property on more than one occasion

On the following dates:



23/02/2020/23:23 my late Mothers Birthday I returned home the night 23/02/2020/23:24 I remembered because I had receive a text message 

The date and times are what is shown on the cameras



Video Capture from 07/12/2018! 

Here is part of the identifying evidence I found which finally proved to me that all the misgivings and concerns i had years early before I could even figure out how to prove it were true. 

I could hardly believe it when I eventually found the evidence I never thought I would.  Intruders trespass into my home and in each incident  approach the camera.

This footage had been sitting on the SD card for 2 years before I  found it. Simply because I could never see anything on the events footage I watched therefore never saved anything

On the occasions when I did check I could always hear a lot of banging and sound of thumping...but never realised it was intruders actually gaining access. 

So never saved the footage and was lucky this somehow got saved. 

Whilst it may not enough evidence for anything else to happen to was a relief to me that I was not wasting anybodies time by making sure I at least brought it up in conversation. 

I have moved home 2 to 3 since realising I was being stalked again in 2007

In the background of this image you could see the hallway light was turned on which gives light for the intruders hand to be seen. 

Prior to finding all these little snippets of footage on the baby monitor i bought to see if I could possibly find someone in act I hadn't actually realised I should leave the lights on in the property since all of these incidents happened during the early hours of the morning just before i would return home or whilst i was out working night shift and since 2018 being seriously abused by drive by stalkers.

Above is the original footage I found but unfortunately before I could figure out how to save it I could not longer access the footage but luckily we managed to save a capture which shows the movement of the intruder which is of a fair complexion! Incident took place on the 16/02/2020

Shown above is the Video Capture of one of one the intruders trespassing into my home

Shown above the image is the actual footage of intruder trespassing into my home on the 23/02/2020 at 23:

I have not been able to clean up this image at all.

This Intruder has a similar style of dress to myself - Whether that is part of their ploy I do not know.

On the photos page I have  included a photo of myself as I dress almost everyday. I deliberately took the photo about 24 hours after finding footage of the intruders to show the differences between my face and choice of glasses and that of the intruder. 

 Unfortunately for me, but possibly not  unfortunate for these intruders once I reported the incident to Local Police their response was to tell me that the footage and images captured was me!

Which is not true! However, that response left me wondering if it was in someway connected to an exchange i had with an officer in my home some years previous when soon after moving into the property in 2013, after I had already began to experience again incidents of again knowing at that my home was again  being accessed by an intruders.

This all comes of the back of having have to make contact with Police on a number of occasions over a number of years prior to the above incidents regarding being stalked.

Following my own contact with the Police the Police were then put a position to contact me some years ago now thankfully, due to being contacted by a hoax caller!

Since 2006 once I changed address and more specifically since 2007 I had strong concerns and misgivings about where I had moved to and levels of intrusion into my home.

But i was ill equipped to do anything about it at the time despite changing locks several times and moving to get away from being stalked each move seem to allow even more to occur?

These concerns never faded within me.

I have no ego or pride about admitting I became absolutely weakened by the abuse of being stalked, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Which includes being forced to respond to what was happening by having to make contact with the police even though I would have preferred not to have to need to do that.

Which is why I remained ill equipped to get the evidence in the way in which it is required. But also during those time before Covid-19 there were periods when I was severely financially impacted due to the experience, and levels of a possessive style of public attention which it brought into my life during those times! I am telling you having people target without them realising the damage they are causing is not easy for me as an individual or for anyone who had to deal with me or try to help me.