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Has evolved into a little market place of Shops Stores Boutiques & Parlours which trades 

Behind the Scenes of Freedom here at Natural Flowism Studios

Selling Accent Pieces Quirky One off Designs

working with a variety of Textures from Ceramics to Textiles 

From mixed fibres to bold colours to neutral, and natural fabrics

It will not be  impossible to find designs which are generally off the beaten trending track here whilst you may still find finds which may satisfy and define long held traditional must haves.

Items which can be given as a gift, or used to decorate your home or office space.

 You may also find an amulet or two, and possibly even pieces which can be re-purposed or items which you can re-customised to your very own taste.


(I'm in the process of withdrawing from vat removing information from all companies trading under Natural Flowism Ltd due to group vat number no longer being recognised by the current HMRC system) 



From the UK







I am Very Busy in the Back of the Shop!

Thankfully being re-inspired by my own works and creativity.




Some works represent my early life experiences.

Nothing maybe perfect but everything is well made.




Initially some stock levels will be low due to specialising in one off and limited edition items 

In general Originals Works are the first to appear







If the shop or products are not showing that maybe due to restocking process 



All Products must be Handled with Care 



items made from fabric: DRY CLEAN OR STEAM CLEAN ONLY





except for cleaning

Apply advice where applicable





Product assembly and completion is an ongoing process to get things to shelf.



Price ranges will vary as some products are handmade, painted, and crafted, and some are not.



Please keep checking back here because different products and price points, special offers, and non-ornate items will appear.




Check Out is by STRIPE 




Please remember to leave clear and Accurate delivery details.

It will be a great help to make sure your delivery point is easily understood.

Especially, if your delivery entrance is in a different location but named under one address,

also for late deliveries if house names & number are not well illuminated!





 Bespoke Deliveries are possible by  arrangement only at an extra cost to your purchase.

A non- refundable deposit is required.




Shipping weights are approximate onlY - due packaging



Initially some stock levels will be low due to one off items

In general Originals Works are the  first to appear



 youtube.com/houseofflowism channel

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HOUSE of FLOWISM can also be found on Milanote.com

Books and Videos about Works coming soon!





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About the History of the Shop




Originally established for the name of One Page on a Previous Website  

Established & Registered 





Natural Flowism Ltd 

House of Flowism is part of the Following Legal Structure 

Natural Flowism Ltd is also know as Natural Flowism Studios 

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Brief History 

Inspiration for calling Natural Flowism Ltd aka Natural Flowism Studios. Using the term studios came from time spent as a multi drop delivery driver delivering mainly bulk parcels, many years ago now. Back in those days many of the deliveries made were to small artist studios of many different creative disciplines, and business types. I was inspired, having given up on going any further with my own small creative business at the time. Most of the studios delivered to were often small to tiny studios based in large old historic type buildings. some of which were not modernised with lift accessibilities. 



Trading Info 

Activities under Natural Flowism ltd Include; 

Self Published Books Thanks to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Music Performance, Production, and Publishing. Thankfully distributed by www.tunecore.com protected by www.ascap.com 

Merch: Courtesy of www.printful.com

Art some of which is showing online Thanks to www.saatchiartonline.com, www.devianrt.com, and www.behance.com 

First Main Subsidiary Under Natural Flowism Ltd 



Subsidiary duties for the time being includes carrying out all main banking duties for all member companies  

As well as offering LGV Driver Services to the Haulage Industry 

You will also see the company name added to films 




is the 3rd Subsidiary Trading Under Natural Flowism Ltd  

(Lavinia's Own Designs Ltd is the 2nd subsidiary store established 2012 not yet ready) 


Grenadian Spice


House of Flowism Ltd as stated above has blossomed from being just one page posting content about www.puregrenada.com the homeland of my late parents, and their parents into the centre of ceramic design, and other home accessories here at Natural Flowism Studio's and Natural Flowism Ltd online space! 

Clay is the initial material chosen for collections  

I was first introduced to clay and the potters wheel whilst attending Mary Boon Secondary School for Girls in London's West Kensington W14 area near Olympia where at the time I found lessons much too difficult to manage. The wheel made me dizzy, and the smell of the room, or the products  made me nauseous that was enough for me to wangle my way out taking that class! 

Though Natural Flowism Ltd as the main entity of the group of companies was established in 2016 ceramics is new area of business, and is essentially a start-up business all be it in House! 


Creative References and Influences Behind Some of the Works   

A life lived normally with a lot of Trial, Error, and a lot of Good Things and Much to Love Too! 

Unfortunately, at times in life as you are hurt, and in turn you hurt even though that maybe unintentionally. If hurt is left unhealthy without much awareness, treatment, or therapy decision making can become affected and become impaired if left without attendance life experiences may remain in an unhealthy cycle or pattern which can be unsafe for you, and others! 

Some of the collections that will be sold on this site may include symbolic references, or influences from elements of my early life as a child abused, growing up in the Fulham area of South West London.  I spent the first 17 years of my life living in my late parents house after which time I moved out attempting to free myself, of the abusive past I had known. I had hoped to lead a more free life on my own terms! I moved around a bit after Leaving home, First continuing to live and be supported by family initially by moving to Kennington SE11 in South East London, where unrealistically, I had hoped a life without abuse would begin. 

About a year later, I eventually moved from Kennington to live on my own for the first time in Notting Hill Gate W11 and Ladbroke Grove areas W10 in West London.  Not long after I became a Mother doing my utmost to make a good life for us both, as a lone parent family. Sadly, again still naive and unaware of how the affects of abuse on me, was to leave me vulnerable to be preyed upon and full of making bad decisions. Before long as a lone parent family we were stalked! Later forced to move home out of West London as a result of the intensity the stalkers campaign, grew to be.  For some reason, I do not know why, but I chose to move back to Kennington in South East London with my daughter who was by then primary school age. Eventually, I was able to return work but that meant my daughter practically raised herself, it was no easy feat for her or for either of us, and was constantly nerve racking and risky time for us both leaving us both with many areas of trauma! 

Despite a lot of ups and downs and complete uncertainty and even more abuser antics. I tried my best to make steady financial progress, funding our lives by  working more than one job and eventually my most lucrative move was to get into the Transport and Logistic sector of the Haulage Industry eventually becoming a Class One Lorry Driver.  

However, the experience of being stalked sadly was not over. I have always been grateful for everywhere I have ever lived regardless of any challenges faced, or worked. But for whatever reason after the relief of moving from one challenging place to the next, life again was eventually stressful, at times going home and shutting the door still did not mean peace and quite or peace of mind or safety, neither did leaving home and locking the door behind you! But at least we were not living in the worse case scenario even though it was bad enough for us! 

Moving from Kennington SE11 to Waterloo SE1 in 2006 by 2007 being Stalked was happening all over again. Eventually, I moved again from South East London to East Finchley in North London N2 to live in a bungalow flat by which time I was essentially an empty nester, my health had deteriorated during that time which had gone on to become constant forms of continual unseen domestic violence non physical psychological forms of assault and attacks. Though I loved North London, and still do I wouldn't allow anything to change that it was an experience in which every attempt it seems was made to make a not nice place to live. Had a gorgeous bungalow flat sadly there just did not seem to be a lot of support for those who were struggling to live independently with issue of addiction, loneliness, and stalking behaviours etc

For the time being I am so glad to say: I am gratefully settled in East London for the time being even though at times to a greater or lesser degree the same problems attempt to persist. I manage to gain footage of intruder entering and showing up on camera in my home...so at least I knew I wasn't crazy when I instinctively knew someone was entering my home. However,

The East is where the Sunrises 

The West is Where the Sunsets. 

The East is said to be the place to go for new beginnings!  

Quite naturally, and almost automatically observations memories, love, likes, dislikes, and all the challenges of life experiences filter through works as influences, tastes, styles, in production, quality, and in choices made. This is all part of a creative and developmental processes, which can develop natural techniques, perspectives, and even help develop and grow new visions of old stories which takes form and builds as collages of ideas produced and explored in a variety of ways! 

This is Unapologetic Ceramic supported by Textile Design! 

Producing what may be considered to some peoples tastes, Unique and even Unusual individual feature pieces which are Sold individually and as Collections both Small and Large, Simple and Complex. 



The initial intention of House of Flowism was to trade on a wholesale basis by selling exhibitions of works as collections for re-sale, personal, or gallery, or any other purpose. However, since opening experience has shown it is better to be flexible, and defuse collections both into wholesale, one-off, and retail sales.

Pricing is based on materials sourced, other overheads tools etc, and time spent/labour costs on  the entirety of a project. The aim is to cover cost, and make sure the artist gets paid, and to make a fair and healthy profit whilst still remaining reasonable, affordable, and giving good value for money. 

Some deals maybe more expensive than others. This means some projects maybe cheaper to make than others. For instant wheel spun collections may be made faster which may mean they end up being cheaper than handmade pieces which maybe handcrafted from start to finish. Stocking up the store will take time, please keep checking back in because the intention is to maintain a fully stocked store at a variable price point with a wide variety designs! 

House of Flowism is essentially about offering unique collections on a B2B basis to business owners who either want to cheer up a corner in their business if products produce can in fact do that, or bring something unique to their private customers, and clients, or products can be acquired as a point of inspiration to be built upon, I dare to add must think positively. However, as these are mostly ceramic pieces all of which can be used both internally or some of which maybe able to be used externally you may want to call your builder. As some collections may require more of a professional finish or skill set than can be offered in House here at House of Flowism at this time. Every effort will always be made to finish each piece to the highest quality possible. There is no restriction on who can buy Exhibition Collections. B2B or Direct to Customer (D2C)

 Terms and Conditions are Oriented in General for B2B custom 


Shopping Insights, Advice, Price Point Contemplations 

When shopping at House of Flowism Ltd it is advisable to remember you are buying an Exhibition an Original of Collection or item of Work which is perceived here as a work of Art. Perceived as Artistic Decorative Design which can possibly be developed into an idea or a new business, a venture, or many other products, logos, things, which can mean profit hopefully for somebody else's business, or for personal gain. Whilst prices may appear quite high when items are not on sale or even whilst on sale you will be getting a lot for your investment. 

When it comes to buying an art original piece of artwork which isa least original to the artist. Whilst a lot of artist may create from the same or similar pool of inspiration for example, nature etc. It is the ability of each artist to convey their personal value, style, technique, and journey they have gone through in their life and with the works they are expressing themselves through, conveying how that enables them to stay in touch with who they truly are that matters. Whilst their is a lot of choice for all consumers these days.

Individuality remains paramount, and personally unique, and that is what creates the difference in between any product and original works.

As humans we are precious, and so is our time.  Every effort is made in pricing to remain responsible and reasonable whilst including cost for time spent/labour costs, materials, and other overheads. 


Please make sure you have read all Terms before you make you purchase! 


First exhibitions on sale will be very small simple collections. At House of Flowism you may find some collections have a somewhat biographical theme. What is being shared is just a little bit of personal history, flare, imagination, and the companies jumping off point from which I intend to grow the company from!  




Keeping it Legal and Staying Funded 

Every effort is always made to be legally and lawfully compliant. There is no intention to commit any illegal, fraudulent, evil, cruel, or violent act. This is a new area of business and there is much to be learnt and understood so, if you do spot anything which may appear not yet organised or in place. Please be patient, and do not assume anything fraudulent, untoward or untrustworthy is taking place. It takes time to learn how to become proficient at business. Anything not yet present or updated may be due time constraints or accessibility or not being unable to make changes necessary due to working long hours elsewhere, as this store is self-funded. Please make sure you have read all Terms before you make you purchase. 


Due to compliance with IR35 May 2021.  Flowism Limited Services to Haulage Industry is in  less demand,  I continue to be Self-Fund, and all the investments made into each business is made by working long hours as a Professional UK based Class One Lorry Driver paid at times by PAYE, not as a Limited Company through intermediaries. You may see Flowism Limited is a service company whose name may appear in the credit of videos and films. 

With Much Gratitude 

Thank You for reading so much about this Store 

Hope you are now well, and truly informed and Happy to do business and with your Purchase  

Your Support and Custom is Much Appreciated! 

Many Thanks 


Lavinia De Ayr 




Natural Flowism 


A Freedom of Being! 


Company Registration Number: 13704793 

Copyright 2023 


Collections are Created in, and Mostly Inspired by life in the UK