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Natural Flowism Ltd is the Parent Company to 3 Subsidiaries its Main Business Activity is  Publishing

The Company also trades as Natural Flowism Studios which is the independent Record Label of Self-Funded Artist  Lavinia De Ayr who Publishes Music, Therapeutic Journals, Research Poetry Books which also include Art, Lyrical Content, ad more recently Merchandise.


The Record Label and Businesses is run and Funded by Sole Owner & Director, and Main Artist Lavinia De Ayr.


Natural Flowism Ltd was incorporated in 2016 shortly after a second company FLOWISM LIMITED  was incorporated in the same year simply because of the love for both names. 


Natural Flowism Ltd group of companies is as follows:


1st Subsidiary 

Lavinia's Own Designs Ltd  established 2011/2012 as a .com  incorporated 2021(not yet Trading)


2nd Subsidiary 

FLOWISM LIMITED incorporated 2016 trading as Service Company (Driver Services to Haulage)


3rd Subsidiary 

HOUSE of FLOWISM LTD part of Lavinia's Own Designs Ltd incorporated 2021 trading in Ceramic & Home Furnishings




As a Director I have set myself quite a task, and challenge to get all these businesses up and running, successfully making profits, and working like a well oiled  machines.  Things are still scattered at the moment, admittedly.


The whole essence and vibe of each creative business is  based on my personal journey. I specifically write about abuse in a family context which is based on experiencing childhood abuses, sadly the continuum from being abused within a family despite leaving an abusive home is  attracting further abusive individuals which in my case has led to years of being stalked!

The latter  remained so intensely.  I began writing about what it is like to be stalked, just to heal myself so I could function from day to day.


Trying to report things to the law or understand stalking from a legal stand point has been an added nightmare. Believe it or not legality is often a large part of the provocation of a stalker. Certain stalkers seem to need, and even thrive off attention from the law and most of all stopping your access to it in some cases, or enjoying what it might cost you because of the abuse they use against you. Therefore, you do not need much imagination to understand how nasty, aggravating, stupid,  and aggressive a stalkers campaign can get if they cannot get you to spend money on getting them out of the way.

You really can be left picking your battles of what you will have to pay for, once you realise you are being stalked. Sadly, the way things still stand people who stalk other people whether the stalker suffers from a brain injury, condition, illness, or disease, it is a set of behaviours which can come with enormous and often devastating costs to who ever is stalked, or to who ever is doing the stalking. The effect of a stalker lasts for years, and effects generations on both sides of the behaviours. After so many years of trying to heal survival I still ask: is it possible to give a stalker back their life before they take or ruin their life, and the lives of others?




If you are looking for a corporate business model, or well the polished.  Shopping around in my stores may not be for you, but if your are looking for something meaningful and different, or a bit unique in the neighbourhood  this might just be the place you find it.


I began learning about the music industry believe or not by publishing monologue albums (which are now short films on you tube)which I recorded on the voice recorder on my laptop. I had no clue about digital audio workstations, at that time. I felt like a mess, and I am still picking myself up now but strangely enough that is how businesses have long been built.  I was in such a psychological, and emotional state. Neither my brain nor my mind was clear enough to learn the intricacies of modern digital recording. 


I am not going lie. I struggled to feel free from the antics of stalkers, not giving much thought to image or popularity, because I just felt constantly awful, and worst of all ashamed of my work. I often felt at a loss as to how I was going to make this all work. Let alone record material that could sell of garner interest.  I just did not have my full personal artistic breakthrough till Mad Love(scene by scene) though I had put out a debut Ep,  Single, Instrumental Ep, I still felt something was missing. Somewhere in between originally putting out the track, and re-releasing that track I found a big part of myself, thankfully.


As an Artist and Business person I am not interested in revenge competition. Just trying to remain calm everyday, and stop judgement cussing after being constantly attacked is enough for me.


Putting out a Press releases does not make sense to me after being pursued, and stalked. Even though I may not have that right. I do respect not all members or areas of the Press stalk. Sadly, for too many years too many stalkers have been able to get a away with appearing as fully fledged press.


Building a private company, or project in a public arena can garner much positivity, and negativity. Much can be misconstrued. A lot of times what goes with success can be individuals who possibly suffer from problems with perceptions regarding  reality, or recognising or expressing the truth which is an ongoing challenge for anyone. Sadly, that is a space where jealously can pop up creating a scene, or conflict for some kind of attention which might be just the publicity required.


At Natural Flowism Studios no such relationships, scenes, or publicity is required even though due to studies in brain health a lot of effort is made to try and be understanding, and tolerant. 


As writer I have created a lot of information about what goes on Behind the Scenes of Freedom in my Personal life, and at the Studio which can be referred too, for further information use Contact Form area On Site.


The whole business, artistic, and personal journey and work at the studio is aimed at getting well sooner rather than later!


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I hope you have enjoyed your visit or shopping at all the different stores on site!



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Lavinia De Ayr


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