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I wanted to draw a bit of a line here after unexpectedly creating this space, a little haven where I could speak through and to the energy of my painful thoughts, feelings, experiences in a very creative way.
I am so Thankful Grateful and Blessed for this completely unexpected, and most of all unseen growth spurt  and divine opportunity...because there is no other way this could have come into being so effortlessly.
To be honest I am beyond scared, apprehensive about what is next in my life. Whether it can or cannot be accomplished is in all honesty way beyond me. All I can do is keep trying, and most of all just keep showing up as me.
I apologise if I have hurt or offended anybody during these healing sessions. There is a Contact Show Form under each show to address any issues.
Unbelievable, to me that I just wanted to test out my new device had been listening to East London's Local Radio, and just for a laugh really just started acting around but it eventually healed me out of a really difficult and bad times, I had struggled with during my life time. Really opened up my perspective on past painful experiences, and help self love rise to the surface. Allowing me to show myself no joke, no word of lie, despite creativity, show myself truly as I am warts, and all!
Thank You all for listening to Behind the Scenes of Freedom Podcast Styled Talk and Sing to Yourself 
Experimental Radio Theatre Shows
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Natural Flowism Studios
Where Therapy is the Process!
I am so Thankful and give Thanks and Gratitude for all lessons learned Courtesy of Amen Clinics

Also Lessons learned from the late Great Works of Strephon Kaplan - Williams and his Book: TRANSFORMING CHILDHOOD read Courtesy of Journey Press Netherlands

I hope all these spontaneous unscripted creative therapeutic sessions can be used as a contribution toward areas of research, education, and be put to good use for the greater good of all concerned!
Many Thanks
Natural Flowism
A Freedom of Being!