At Ma'Art you can buy a download of Art which you can print yourself for business or personal use.


During the process of purchasing a print to download don't forget to make sure you clean your printers print heads, and make sure your are using a printer which can print quality photographs on high gloss or matt premium papers or card.



History of Ma'Art

Ma'Art simply means My Art!

Ma'Art began as a page on Pinterest. The page still exists under Natural Flowism Studios on Pinterest.


I love to sketch fictional faces. Fictional Faces to me refers to creating a portrait without a sitter, or person being present at the time of creating the work.


My earliest memory of portraiture after many years of colouring books, doodles, crayons, and felt tips at home, and in primary school was actually in Secondary School in Art Class. I remember one particular  assignment was to create from a magazine the translation was  similar to creating from a still life arrangement. I chose to do the assignment with portraiture. 

I enjoyed the assignment and have loved sketching and painting portraiture ever since.


I often go through intense times of art making. It is pure spontaneity which opened this area of Natural Flowism Ltd as an in house studio shop. You can also shop my art collections at Saatchi Art.


I hadn't created art for years, busy concentrating on Motherhood, and working. When my life hit some very adverse times I began getting back on tap with my art. I did train for a short while learning to sketch mostly the female form for clothes making because I had always been interested in fashion. As a freehand clothes maker.


February 2022 I let go of inhibitions and created this area of the studio.

It can be incredibly difficult to find the confidence needed as an artist especially if you are going through or have been through difficulties.

There is always criticism...why should anyone want your art? Look at all the bright and modern art out there...why your rustic dingy pieces? Students in 6th form school or earlier create better than you...if you let it the critic goes on and on, I found confidence when I made myself question what does the critic suffer from?


Here at Ma'Art I use old and new papers. To create prints.


Keep checking back in store, as stocks build sooner or later you might just find the perfect art for your room, home, project, or business space.


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