Working on My Brain Health

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I am currently trying to be a better Mother whilst coming to terms with the historical abuses I experienced as a baby child, which equally affects my daughter. I am also trying to Recover from the effects of  Digital Abuse 

Used  Personally and Professionally by people who possibly due to possible  Brain Damage  may suffer from possessiveness or and obsessive  behaviours which might trigger feelings to create a cause, or need to vindictively  Stalk People, as well as encouraging others to do the same. Which has had a very deep and profound effect on my daughter, and myself!





December 2022

I am

 so Grateful for Pain Management, and for lessons about  Health!


Update for August 2022

Giving Thanks and Gratitude for presence in every present moment. Just wanted to touch base as I get more in touch with my health and well being. There have been many challenges thanks be to God for all pathways shown.

Admittedly, due to weight gain, anxiety, stress, even worry at times if I am honest my ability to function is not what it was before though progress is being made. Clarity and cohesiveness can be elusive at times. 

My Music my biggest surprise, and my in house Radio Styled Show an even bigger surprise, It for me, has been one of the most innovative ways to self-heal. 

I began very natural learning the art of monologuing over 35 years ago so I do have a bit of experience about me, and most of all I absolutely love it.

MUSIC; is love and beyond for me keeping up with all the distribution changes is a whole other journey!

Wish You all Well

Do pop over to my You Tube Channel and like and subscribe to my works

Thanks for all Your Support

Much Appreciated


Natural Flowism


A Freedom of Being!

Update for February 2022

Because so far it has been quite an eventfully year I thought I will drop some moment to moment updates.

Thank God, with the advent of modern medicine I managed to get my nose sorted out before my back began giving me some real trouble.. However, whilst I do better with getting my health back on track, in the recording studio I decided to create some more time and space to recording, and publishing some of my rehearsal work!

Throughly enjoying the learning curve and process. Such and enormous shift in energy to be able to do what you really want or feel you need to do in life. It is a really healthy game changer.

Go to the REHEARSAL SUITE to listen to various renditions of tracks before they hopefully become an album version!

Hope you Enjoy!

Thank You for Reading about me!



Update for 2022

It is the Seventh of January 2022

What a blessing to have made it into another Year!

Another Year to Maintain and Remain within the Healing Powers of Thankfulness, Gratitude, and Blessings!

For 2022, I am so grateful I managed to open shop

The name of the Business and Shop is House of Flowism Ltd specialising in Ceramics.

Beginning with January  Sale  the Store is selling off an Exhibitions of Works Called: The Unsteady Hand

These works are what I wanted to share with the world., from deep within me They are intended to be an honest offering, a truthful beginning nothing commercial or on trend about any of it at all, unless you have that stylised eye, and can configure weird or odd little oddments into contemporary or otherwise in spaces, and places as your feature pieces. 

House of Flowism is essentially a B2B business though anyone is welcome. Things are sold in a wholesale style despite their being no requirement to hold an account, or presently no account facilities there is just a very small minimum spend amount. 

I have chosen to begin this store as an expansion of the merch area. So, my "merch" as it where has just a bit more on offer!

As a multi-faceted, multi-disciplined Artist  I wanted to be able to showcase who I am, what I do, and where I came from as my foundational body of work all in one place. The beginning of collections are all hand crafted, hand painted, hand carved, which has results in irregular designs patterns, and results. I just began. I did not even think about what I was doing. I did not even have a plan or structure to what I was doing. I was just doing it, and only thought about the commercial aspects, viability, and my overall goals and concepts after I was finished with the collections. I was just getting used to the materials again with no real concepts in mind just doing what I felt. To say it again, first collections are about irregularities as that speaks so directly to what my life has been, and all that has influenced me to date. These are Foundational bodies of works deeply influenced and steeped in the journey to  SELF - HEALING hence the spontaneity, and after thought present these works which will remain as the foundation from which more regular print works can be formed, produced, and manufactured in greater volumes.

As a Multi-Faceted Artist if I have been working in bright and intense colours, I tend to want to reached for calmer more muted tones after to help balance me, and whatever I am creating out. It is not uncommon for my to feel out of kilter because I cannot return the studio to a more calmer space. A high and low intensity is the vibrational settings I find I work best in!

Please do keep Checking back in at the stores just as you would at the Mall/Shopping Centre or Flea Market sooner or later you may just find that find or see something that will catch your eye. 

My intention over the New Year was just to get myself started, because I struggled so bad to get organised, my head kept scrambling, I was stressing, and kept shelving plans left right and centre. So, decided regardless how whatever I can do/produce looks at the beginning I will not get stuck in believing that is my emphasis or where me, and the businesses are going to reman. Because a beginning does not determine a journey, or a result, or a series of results, and does not indicate, define, or determine how a person or business will look, grow, or eventually turn out. I just needed to begin after failing to for so many years, too, I just needed to begin getting things out the door in my thoughts, out the gate in my brain once I could get passed that I felt I could  take this company anywhere, and grow it into what I had always envisioned it to be, and in the process create something enjoyable, and even great!

Well, that was the last week of 2021, and the first week of the New Year 2022!

About the 2nd Week into 2022

I am nursing a flare up of an existing condition: nasal polyps thankfully responding well to medication, washes, and detoxing. But, I am off work on my back so to speak doing what I can do in between a lot of rest and sleep. Head, and function over all feels less scrambled, so it is not impossible that somehow the pressure from the polyps which were or are close to my brain could have been causing me function problems, time will tell, Fell asleep missed a dose of steroids resulting in a bit of relapse, but thankfully that managed to settle down again, and I was able to inhale in both my nostrils! Hoping I can get my writing out the way and spend the rest of the year working on building up my skill set, my craft, and as a result build, grow, and scale my stores!

 Dear God, if that is what you have in store for me!!!!

Blessings, Peace, Health, and Vitality to All!

Thank You for Reading About me!

Please Check Out House of Flowism Ltd within the Studio in the Menu bar.

I am working on getting the store integrated with EBay, and other platforms if or when shop qualifies! 


Natural Flowism Studio's

(Natural Flowism Ltd)

Is a Recording Studio where music, and books/lyrics/poetry/life stories are published and distributed by supporting platforms. Shops such as House of Flowism are an extension of the merch facilities made available by developer and provider Bandzoogle.

Many Thanks


Lavinia De Ayr


Natural Flowism


A Freedom of Being!






Update for 2021

I am happy to share that I have become an accredited Brain Health Professional having studied at Amen University online. Brain Health Training is a way to train and heal my brain after abuse, and subsequent effect, and injury. I hope to God I keep my head about me and maintain the acknowledgement, its a big responsibility. Enjoying it all so far, and being a real odd ball about it all!

Like many people I have had my fair share of bumps bashes and bruises some inflicted more deliberately than others, and in some cases by others, and many due to my own function, all of which I knew needed healing, and much improving.

When I first read Dr Amen's book Change your Brain Change your life, I was fascinated least of all because he wrote about a case study of two different type of stalkers. I was so grateful because that has been a long term experience in my life, and know it can be hard to come across such good research about cases of a stalker's health. It is an experience often experienced in isolation with little understanding!

I could just see the power of brain health for the world at large. I desperately wanted to be treated, because at the time I was in a bad place. Completely went into an episode of automatic negative thought never quite believing I will ever be able to afford any of the treatments, let alone be healed. Thankfully, I was wrong!

Whilst I still have a ways to go to maintain my health, I eventually manage to move out of disbelief to being able afford some of the treatments which are still having a positive affect on me to this day

Pulling all my businesses together is proving to be a great tonic.

Life long learning helps to maintain a more healthy brain!

Blessings and Love


Natural Flowism


A Freedom of Being!











Some History


2016 -  2020

 21/05/2020 I released/submitted my first ever Single for distribution today!

Single is Called: Ah Wa Yah Stalking me Fah?

Sounds of the Book Shop!

I hope it is well received and understood!

Still learning how to get the best presentation style or technique from myself.  I am just so busy trying to get everything done which I set out to do...and quite Naturally I am not having the best of time connecting words or sentences without a lot of errors! 


If you have enjoyed my works Thank You.  Tap the Music note below to go straight to TuneCore Distribution that is where my latest releases will first appear...thank you for taking an interest...much appreciated....I also got round to finally submitting a ringtones!

I am so Blessed!




 ...and This is My Atelier


I write under the pen name Natural Flowism which  happens to be my personal mantra which means to me A Freedom of Being!

I tend to write my personal mantra and now business name everywhere


I am a  Self - Healer! 


 Self - Portrait Artist and Designer


 Monologue and Spoken-Word Artist!


   Singer Song Writer and Musician!

 As a Musician it has been quiet a surprise return to my first love Music, even though predicted.

I resume with skills I retained since passing Grade 1 Practical and Theory Piano.  Passing these exams at some point way back in the 1970's.

I still continued with lessons learning theory and practical piano up to Grade 2 , I don't think I took the exams  though or if I did, I may not have passed them both.

Even though I have forgotten most of the theory knowledge by now the rudiments of music was part of most practical training back in the day as far as I was aware!

Which in hindsight was such a good idea when you look at what the Music industry is worth!

Also resuming basic Guitar playing skills at the same time which are also remnants of night school lessons! 

Training in both instruments has given me enough knowledge to feel free enough to freestyle and grow in confidence with  my style of  improvisation as my memory unites and fuses with life long inspirations into my developing styles and skills.

It has been quite a welcome challenge filled with ceaseless love self-healing enjoyment and much pleasure.

This all sounds a bit stiff elementary  and like a bit of a brag... but for the sake of my own memory...I also remember learning marimba and xylophone at primary school, and playing the recorder, as well as informally taking up flute.

Though typically not realising to keep it up and become proficient from my young years onward.

But i never forgot the affinity I had for music or various instruments so all is not lost, and  what better time to start learning and becoming re-acquainted with what I once knew.

Sometimes whilst editing I make so many mistakes I end up deleting things which i should have left in.

Excuse me if you have read this bit somewhere else on site

I still have not tackled some of the more complicated or more versatile of Digital Audio Workstations.

I am literally just learning to find myself again as a person now able to record music. I do not feel like a performer or musician for that matter even though I am one of sorts!

I have used the ease of Garage Band to create my first two music EPs 

Bad Guitar, and B.f.a.m.e (Blind Fingers and my Ears).

Using drum beat presets  and other effects

Whilst managing to produce all the keyboard work 

Trophyism 1st track on Bad Guitar EP is my first performance on a 4 string bass! 

Whilst Music has always been my love it is so unexpected to me to have such an opportunity with it

At this point in my life!

I am so Thankfully!

 I am so Gratefully and beyond Blessed!

I am also a 

Self - Published Poet!

Long   Goods   Vehicle   Driver

Someone who is eternally Grateful for life Health Strength and Opportunity!


Natural Flowism


A Freedom of Being!