This track is the 3rd Movement in the Rehearsal of the Poem: I Like the Rain
In this quieter more humble movement I am working on moving on to the next stage of the poem, where the lyrics move on from the well rehearsed: When it is cold out side that's when I like the rain etc.
The second verse, moves on to ask God, what do you think of me? The reason the poem goes into that phase is because as the ungrateful sinner who only notices the Good and Great God is when in lack.
However, I do not get to that second verse until the last line as I improvise until then as I work up to including the line of the poem explaining to God, I couldn't be quiet because despite my ingratitude, and lack I had to come to pray!
Because I am freestyling there are some areas in the track which are just incoherent!
Hey, thank God for Jazz because in places in sounds like a real form of mumbling scat, well to my ears it does!
Poem can be found in book: Lady Snatch Flow Visits by Natural Flowism (contains nudity) at Amazon you can scroll to Amazon by going to main menu
Natural Flowism
A Freedom of Being!


Oooh (background repeats)
Couldn't be Quiet...lord(repeated)
Ta, ta, ta, ta, nah, nah
Had to come to pray
Won't you come to me
Won't you tell me how
Won't you free me from
All the things I have done
Lord see now
Lord hear me now
What do you think of me?( the verse that connects the movement to the I Like the Rain Poem)
Hey yay hey yay