The Origins of this works dates back to 1984
This work is a very small part of what is for me a very big song to accomplish
I am a freestyling musician of sorts, and have only recently returned to music as part of my creative repertoire!
This is a recording of one of my rehearsals which began well as I hit a few high registers from there the session just built, I need to just scream in a defined way. Scream until I could sing out the energy I was wrestling with.
This an impromptu piece I began after finishing my first single, I had actually forgotten the order of the words of the poem. so I carved it up and came up with this excerpt.

The Meaning behind the piece is my acknowledgement to God of my own in Gratitude...written before I left my teenage years behind!


1st Part
When its cold outside, and I am warm inside that when I like the Rain
When there is none else I can tell, that's when I like to pray
When its cold outside

2nd Part
Save me Lord oh Save Me/God won't you save me

(Higher Registers sing: Eh...some part Oooh)