My First complete instrumental of mostly Improv styling works
Had never explored the genre of TripHop before but have come to realise I could well fall into that genre!
Just love it!
For some years I had been struggling with getting to grips with learning how to record with the digital process. I have no producing skills I am self taught in that area.

It has been a matter of getting familiar and progressing from a point of familiarity with regarding to creating music

Though I love music have never really seen myself as a musician as such!

I was living through some very difficult times and returning to creativity got me, being older facing pensionable age, I got brave and figured on business as a way of getting me through it!

Nothing like maturing with so much to discover, explore, learn, and become!

I have been experiencing difficulty uploading the 7th track for some reason - think it is too short for some uploading requirements!

I love what I have created
The role of creating/producing, and arranging tracks is something I thoroughly enjoy, and once i learn the craft to complete proficiency I am sure i would not mind spending a lot of time doing!