Still Bugging and its been years of....

For the express attention of Detective Rivington Smythe...but further up the road!

TN  drives passed me and a rip is felt in the lower back part of my head just above my neck on the right side of my head. X.
It alters me
Is someone jealous of me or them?
Ovv tries to work on me
They continue to try to work on Me along the M25
Its been since South Africa...
There is a white line in the sky that flies away after TN has driven  by
I arrive Washington no dome twenty seventh November twenty-twenty one after nine am
Puddle dog right ear pulled
Pedestrian crossing just past Ealing toward hanger lane
Sea shells 
Broadway smells
As a gang of stalkers antics are covered by scientific money collecting churches
Somebody got famous and that carried through as though that endorsed all what stalkers can do!
It is as if success is hiding riveting abuse only to the sadist and misogynist who enjoy seeing a person constantly forced to find ways to survive their abuse!
Patrols few would recognise as such
A kidnapped life style few would recognise as such
They’ve always known they had it all 
They watch as another generation in society only just wakes up to what has been going on all along. 
Cover after cover
Slowly comes off
Killers must have thought they walked off scot free 
Free as a bird  until new understandings about the causes of mental health made their alibies unfurl which catapults plans to rage chaos attempts to rage wars so they will never get caught again just because she done in a friend?
Whose on the mend?
They raise false hope as they lay claims of a wedding and spread
False rumours about a romance which will never take effect is spread to have the effect of abusing people to be submissive to a cause from which they cannot repent. They did no wrong but must be kept on.
Whilst medical conditions prevail feels like a cult?  has devised a way to lay grip onto a persons body? Here's that story:
Ten Fifty Eight Zero Four
Paid for goods on the Twenty Seventh of November Twenty -  Twenty One. Echo Four Eight Sierra Tango maybe? I could feel it. Energy puffing away my lower back begins to feel gathered getting tighter and tighter till its is difficult for me to move, and almost breathe uf it had carried on! As i walked away from paying for my goods i brush the energy down from my back as i walk away! 
Again it reinforces the cruelty and level of control there has continued to be in my life. I cannot think of anything i am doing apart from getting in with my life which will raise the need for that level of oppressive control over me which another attempts to be. These are patterns that i now realise began to be  raised possibly as far back as two thousand and three. But yet something else reminds me of the cruelty that had always been even before the age of three!
To date someone who has never been stalked is unknown to me
To know or have interacted with anyone who has not struggled to get out of a marriage or from someone is unknown to me!

Raising a child in the middle and all the way through campaigns of stalking is known to me!
For this to be the case hoos effect treatment possibly  may not be in place?

Natural Flowism 
A Freedom of Being!