Wooden Shiplap

Coming down the M40
All I could hear is:
Pile dick or piles of dicks
Shoved in the blue
The crutch took it
The obsession of projection
The belief their projection game is where riches were made
Projection till they touch the spot meant you could control everyone!
It hatched more than just a plot and plan
Driving down ths motorway
I could my breast being felt
Have to use my imagination  over and over again because somebody's gran father got lucky with somebody's titties!
Now they try it over and over again
Cup cake looking bobble hats
Worn off the crown of the head
Threat of the mamagram?
As arms are lifted so my paranoid imagination feels stretched too
I have got to get it out
I have got to get it out
Not just the red wax incest man believed by others to be stuffed up inside of me
But the threat of the mamagram man
And the yellow jacket gang!