...they wait to see if you knew

The whole village remixed and regrouped...

Just sat there planning her revenge all these years long

From Scottish Airports to Earls Court? He played his lip like three two one two three

No code language, thank you

I laid on my bed and heard a voice shout out the “det”

From South Africa to Tangerines

From New York it seems to the back of Hackney

From the Scottish Hills to my books unfinished

From mess to progress

From the sickening of the overt

To clairaudient talk of Canary Wharf and Docklands

Who can tell which or what manifestation has come

And I am still not ready yet to bring the conclusion

Though I know the direction of stalker is still back with the layers which were originally laid!

As one Father comes to terms with hiding from his son as he is opened to what he had become

Dear I dare to think of anything else much disturbed by thought as I am!

Encroachment instead of encouragement

Years ago few would know what to do when so many adored flirted and was moved by the sounds of their voices as no crowd could be controlled


There in a belief system was inbred and an illness left which would go on to cost so many of us so many

It became so inbred it fed itself into authority that has a right to know about you because of what and the way they sang.

An innocent way of life to support admire and continually invest in someone’s Art  only trouble is they are not all like that!

From Colnebrook to home in the East End sounds like the same voices are around again in that distinctive high laughter

As they aim to please as much displeasure

Oh just get on with it!

They think aloud

As they curse me the control they believe they have

Though I never checked with them

Like most people affected by nosey people and stalker I have been far to busy getting on with my own life and minding my own business whilst they busy themselves by what controls them.

As they wait for the next move you make

As they wait maybe to help

As they wait to tell you about their own hell

As they wait to tell you of the duplicate abuse

As they wait

As they wait

As they wait?

You go about your day

They wait

Like the anonymity of a rock stars family?

Then after they wait they explain

“Some of us decided to Stalk your stalker back after them trying to swindle and get at us!