Ep#.29 Shifting Conflict at Behind the Scenes of Freedom Podcast Talk to Yourself Radio Theatre Show #lifeinHDSEL (feat. Garageband Loop Packs) .band 17/07/2022/1804

Recorded at home with the windows and outdoor space doors wide open
Due to a certain level abuses created over a number of years in different locals to have a very destabilising, disorientating effect which can or may create a difficulty telling the difference to between normal or deliberately created sounds. Which...I mean who would need to do that directly to someone or cause that effect? Coarse Work anyone?

Recently, I have been or more likely continue to be haunted by abuse, and listening to the wrong thing at the wrong time. Listening to motivations which talk about getting out of your own way. Or stop making it about someone else etc which is really difficult to hear or listen to when you are negotiating some who may have literally gone crazy. But thankfully teachers are very resourceful and have an answer for that too, don't make that about you either!

In this podcast I am literally moving around at home talking to myself until I shift my conflicted prospective.

I cannot tell you why that came up for me to do. But had been on my heart wrestling with me for so long I just had to bust out with it!

In the background adding texture and ambience to the show are GarageBand Loop Packs:
First you hear me talking to the sound of the on site Metronome
Up underneath there and all the way through is: Chinese Reeds Erhu 11.1
The end accompaniment is: Arcade Dreams Beat 01

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