Ep.#16 World Spirit Cleanse feat. Loop Packs in GarageBand 30/04/2022/0107
In no Specific Order
Main Tracks Selected are as Follows:
x1 Void Adrift 1/2x
x2 Greek Sirtos Riqq 01
x2 Crate Digging Synth Bass
x1 Analog Deep Beat 2

Track Pick Ups Chosen:
x1 Slink and Sly Funk Bass
x3 Gospel Improv
Indian Rajah Sitar 30
Turkish Spice Saz 21 & 08
x2 Neon Wave Vocals Chop 1
Egyptian Nile Darbuka 03 & 02
Day Dream Delight Vocals 02
Eastern Storm Oud 2 & 3
Make Believe Flute Pad 02
Afghanistan Sand Rehab 27
From Feelings and Situations which can leave you feeling as though you have received the most evil of treatments which then leaves you in a state of wanting to love and care even more for the human race!
From Accusations Flying High Voices running out from the Third Eye
Worries abound as the imagines tells the truth or lies questioning if Somebodies Else's Kidnapper or Abusers is also an Internet Troll who Stalks you too
When all the tales you Clairaudientley Heard had nothing and yet everything to do with what personally irritably changed your world
Lost and Broken you may end up being if you do not find away to heal through the sound of such Beautifully played World renowned Musical Instruments!
When I first Selected some of these Loops to conclude Podcast Ep.#14 I could not stop replaying the end of the Show until I decided to create a whole jam in total, as I did so my spirit body just began releasing all the build up the more I listened!
There has been a lot!
But, I am beyond Grateful for all the Creators out there who make this kind of Music
Many Thanks
Much Appreciated!
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