MAKE YOUR JUNK YAH FUNK PT2 16/04/2022 feat. Garage Band Presets (FULL SHOW)

GarageBand Presets

Bounty Harp 01
Avenger All
Cinematic Transition 78
Cunning All
Courier Strings
Cabernet All
CountDown All
80's Funk Slap Bass
Agile Funk Synth Bass 01
Bend Yah Guitar
Big Funk Slap Bass 01
Thank You for Listening to the Show Hope you Enjoyed it!
The intention of both shows and all shows is to aid in the self-healing process, and to be of assistance in research or to any investigation if any. Whilst this is not the deepest or most comprehensive research it is hoped that these works will be of aid or help to somebody!
Take Care
Stay Safe
Natural Flowism
A Freedom of Being!