The Unknown iRate Detective interrupts a form of prayer!

Dear God

A mind seems stuck on returning to thoughts of someone it has never known, why?

"Because it was supposed" TUiD interrupts a time of prayer

It is known there is a diagnosis but diagnosis is not felt as a diagnosis yet within that also is a diagnosis that begs the question as to how can freedom be obtain from such a diagnosis?

Filled ego and diagnosis wax lyrical about no love as they cry in heartbreak of all they cannot any longer see or feel

We remain together in a refrain where never the twain shall meet or be seen 
We never existed 
Yet we feel but not yet freely
For we are trapped above and from beneath
Yet we are not linked except some tries to perceive a link as a result of a diagnosis at which time they will perceive to unify things and people where absolutely none could ever exist!

"Get in your stalker bit or should I say?" TUiD


"Ok...then....heres the odd bits she turns up again like a sideways canter who is it?...fuck knows....that last time it was the sideways canter to waving card board opposite the airport on the A40 seemed like a replica outfit from time spent delivering on the back of a Class 2 in 2002 called to a job last minute.  What is the need for all this can't say feckry? They are people being sucked into behind the scenes of things they want nothing to do with. They mean no harm they just want to pick up and keep moving on but...maybe all of this leads back to the old days when there were fewer nosey people asking to see into this and that and those that did get involved knew what they were getting involved in because it was what they wanted or it was who they fell in love with!  It was about less sick people allowed to pretend they were in love because true love does not produced statics of domestic violence or other fuck this blud clart got everybody out...and thats the same for the cuntavirus who sets up shop only around the low paid...back in the day they used to put you through yah money and you have only just got paid. Because the flipping cunt used to be thinking up ways of how you could spend yah money before you even left your work on pay day.... thought of how many rounds of cups of tea you should buy everytime somebody does something on the same job they are already getting paid to do, then just to keep your wages you have got to be able outwit and get passed the market stall of things to buy before you get home to yah partner and kids with nothing left for food and bills...i tell yah back in the day they had you set up proper...and if you dare walked passed their pub where they had all their beers on tab you'd get laughed into the ground for being too was though you and your family meant nothing!" TUiD

Dear Father

We pray for the strength to find a healthy way out of out diagnoses cuntavirus and otherwise or stupid!
Natural Flowism
A Freedom of Being!