Post Examination

Post Examination!
Give a Stalker back their Life before they Take a Life?
So Lavinia...during this interview we will attempt to tie up loose ends and then tackle the main bane subject matter. 
Does it begin with nosiness? I just had a feeling you would have more to say on the matter...what exactly did you mean about predictive nosiness?
Lavinia: seems like its back to the days of I know what you are going to do next....rolled out and more widespread from on generation to the next?
...and that feels like what though...what  is it like exactly to have someone treat you like that...and to see someone locked into wasting there own time doing that to you?
Lavinia: dear God to be the focus of someone so obsessed with you that they spend, spend, spend....spend the time to recreate the reflection to prove they knew...every choice I would make? My mind my internal private ways has to be externally attacked day after day.
Is it also hard because you don’t seem to be able to resolve who or what it is?
Lavinia: yes you can only hope such a person will wear themselves out! As some stalkers do. Triggers do stop and some can naturally heal and move on. 
Is that why you turned the phrase give a stalker back their life before they take a life?
Lavinia: It refers only to where possible. I acknowledge and recognize it is a very blanket bold and potentially dangerous statement to make!  There are a myriad of reasons  why a person gets triggered into the behaviour pattern...despite their bravado and fear they go onto is an incredibly sad state to see someone disintegrate into given the power of the human psyche and intellect and all that it can accomplish!
Yes! That is very true. If you put a stalker up against a high achiever it could look very different.
Lavinia: The thing is stalkers are also high functioning achievers, and that is part of the big and costly problem each and stalker is, and has been because a stalker legacy of damage lasts life times. Generation after generations is continually affected by either jeep up the behaviour, or by beíng forced to continually foot the bill for those who continue a stalkers legacy!  They are not all bums on the street. I was only describing one description. What we must be educated about is every variant of each individual who suffers from that need to have so much control....
Lavinia: scenarios maybe a better description. How many ways can we foresee and teach and understand the traps a stalker natural sets. As early as a school child i remember being unsettled by someone. But i could not articulate it as feeling or being stalked. I would have said bullied but not stalked. Which would have meant something different not a life time of  being pursued, accused, spited, sleighted, picked on, put down, and then left with the bill each and every time. Psychological, mentally, physically, and financially. Not just me remember this all my family one way or the other has been affected by stalking or have had to react to it somehow whether they even realise it or not! The “dis-ease of each stalker never just affects their primary target it splinters and exploded into every inch and micro part of society. So...why ignore it? Somebody is too scared somewhere true or false? Is it because some people find the behaviour lucrative? If so, who?
Oooooh...doesn't stalking still come down to one thing...the same thing their need for attention ends up becoming unwanted attention?

Lavinia: whilst we're not paying attention...but the sad thing is paying attention and observing others is a natural part of life. Human beings learn from animals and each other, and of course many other things! The extent may act as a to our observation or attention affecting others in such a way as wanted and unwanted! But i tell you what in all of this for far too long “society” “social causes" and worse yet politics have been allowed to “treat" deeply rooted medical and clinical brain health issues...