iNbetween Fanaticism-Dry Stale List of insecurities and Course typical same old Questions!

A lot of people are going out looking for love without clinical or  medical training then finding they are married to a person’s too far gone illness which they are ill prepared for and incapable of treating kindly, well, or compassionately!
Vice Versa
Man sees woman unattached he starts weighing up his options instead of learning who she is? Where she is really at in her life? What and who she really wants out of life or in her life? What her true intentions are? Most important who is she genuinely and truthfully emotionally attached too and what she is emotionally attached too? And what new emotional attachments is she willing to accept?
He still loves and adores an occasional girlfriend he met years ago, it’s over but they still speak everyday and her husband is cool with that? He reminisces all the time about their time together: is he homesick? Feeling very insecure and inadequate and underappreciated  with the person he is in an intimate relationship with now? Or is he just stirring his own shit? Because he derives a sick pleasure from it? Or is he displaying hidden reactions and feelings which betray the possibilities of him feeling he was manipulated-sleighted-belittled-pressured-taken for granted-bossed around-forced and coerced into a relationship and then marriage and then kids without his express permission?
What on earth crumbled his boundaries in the first place?
Its tiresome my love But seriously I can’t be with you anymore! 
Mysteriously man just can’t leave! Just can't get out of the house/family home or property door, and can no longer live unhindered or unattached from who and what he no longer chooses, why?
He can never leave!
He has no more choice!
Was he stalked into the marriage?
Or is man still under the influence of all his abusers behaviours?
Is he expected to be so conditioned that he is expected to accept such restrictive inhibiting behaviours as traditionally normal marriage behaviours?
Or is holding a person against their will supposed to be automatically acceptable when it comes to old time traditions or truths of marriage or just in relationships per say?
What is the best way...for the GOOD of all get someone to take responsibility for themselves and others?
Is it to assume they automatically have  the capacity?
Or is it each of our individual responsibility to learn our own capacity and capabilities for each scenario we choose or each scenario which we do not choose but that comes up for us anyway  in our lives. Is it each well persons responsibility to learn and grow the capacity and resources to be able to deal with all the possible consequences for  each moment we are alive?
Who is responsible for those not well enough? Where do we look to find out who does and who does have the capacity to take responsibility for themselves and others?
Its a Sleepy Sunday I put on soft wool and eat cold ice cream yes cold ice cream...its a bit of a chuckle chuckle but it is because  I miss him!
Something about life recently seems so one upping insensitive evil even competitive to the ugliest of extremes. Life just has not been feeling like our love any more, which always included everything. We always made space for everything about each other but it just felt gone. Yet I visualized us all day long his head buried in my chest . Envisaged him never wanting to.leave me nor I him. I hate to miss him. I like to live with trust knowing he’ll come back and we will continue but not from where we left off because of course those moments are gone !