Freedom and Love Thankfully Grateful not because you have lied something else means you cannot fully say!

I am so Thankfully Grateful and Blessed as I Repent and Surrender to the Forgiveness Purpose and Power Life is!

Every time I look around
Someone is affected
Even by not being affected 
Some how even that is connected

This morning gratefully I woke up and asked myself what haven't you been saying or writing?

For me 
I have taken my creatively written self-healung everywhere I think it should go
From love to hate
From kindness to wickedness and back again to freedom and love
But you know even though I have shared and created so much in as much honesty as I can
The truth is alot of what I have written about still has lengths and miles of things I would really like to say but feel I cannot
It is as much as I can do
Is to get some parts of it out of my system each day week or month etc
But when I really ask myself is that everything I was even surprised by myself when the answer was no!

As complaining as I feel I have been forced to be. Something is still tellung me I have not complained or advised appropriately to possibly affect a change in situations which have deeply changed and sadly even affected the way of my being.
All of that at times feels like a danger almost lurks beneath after years of being mistaken for possibly being somebody else or by anothers perception of who you really are.

It is sad but true among the wrong mindset speaking about the way you respond to life and others can mean the difference of someone believing they can blame you for all wrong doing without feeling any shame or responsibility about their own behaviour.

Self Awareness
Self Searching
Self Healing
Is not a freedom for all to blame you because you can look at your own behaviours actions reactions and responses and own them.

Responding to this mornings wake up call which very gently and lovingly ask me to search myself and at least know that as much time that is given sharing must for me personally hold the realisation of what is not being written from the total depth of my being. The really crux that would more than likely pull the feeling of disappearing moments and lost days into the open where they belong to be dealt with properly to the point they will not continually return to consistently haunt me.

I have put enough on myself to achieve change and turn around in my own private world. I must admit I have been ill prepared for how my own private energy goals and desires would connect or manifest externally. 

Through anyone person we see or feel one of lifes blessings and challenges is to know and learn if what we see or if what we are told is in the proportion to the real truth if it were ever told.
Natural Flowism
A Freedom of Being!
Freedom and Love!