THERAPY IS MY PROCESS! After healing through producing two large Improv/Spoken Word/Vocal/Instrumental albums I decided to focus on making my very first EP of diverse alternative music tracks. Which truly speak to my present moment state of being. Each track truly has a different style expression giving it its own mood! The first track is called "Trophyism" which has a very indie style feel and mood to it created with a echo chamber feature. The song is actually about a pattern of stalking behaviour experienced. Trophyism equates to a "calling card" left by someone stalking someone else with the intention to intimidate the other person letting them know they are being stalked. It is an incredibly emotionally, spiritually, mentally violently intimate form of violence to be put through, to continually go through, and constantly live with! The second track was renamed "Escape to Ah" formerly called 40 years same tune. It is formulated by a set of chord progressions I learnt as a child from my older siblings. Having only ever succeeded at learning and passing a grand one piano exam. It is a tune I always play, switching up the chords from time to time. I enjoyed creating a fall out style of different harmonies on this track. I wanted to create something which would allow me to explore my vocal range, and at the end of it I thought it sounded like a perfect cats choir. Most of all I love and enjoyed the quiet transition into the instrumental and the cathedral organ finish! It has become the track which helps me find my personal peace and freedom which I am so grateful for! Third track "In House Mother" Is a heart thumping mid tempo house/deep house track turned into an instrumental. Though originally created with lyrics! The Fourth and finally track "Is it me your looking for?" is abstract though that is a strange way to describe a tune. With a haunting layered harmony and a heavy bluesy style bass for accompaniment. It is a song which again relates to the experience of being stalked by someone else. The experience of being constantly pursued which questions who is really being searched for while describing something apparently unrelated which appears to have no connection whatsoever to the question yet is a memory which ties into the experience of being stalked! Despite the heavy intense tones and dramatic meaning behind the songs in the EP. It was a joy to create, and has healed and freed me to find and build on my confidence, and self esteem further as an Improv Free-styling Singer/Songwriter of sorts! I hope you enjoy! Many Thanks Lavinia De Ayr Natural Flowism A Freedom of Being! Selah!

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