A Mixed Up Tale of both Fiction and True Life Experience mangled into Spoken Word Chat Style!

Unconditional Love
Revenge and the Strength to want to be left alone!
But at the end of the day when its unconditional love...?

The main story line
Is the Making Up and Breaking Up within a long lasting Unconditional Love Relationship When a woman turns up around the man in an unconditional Love Relationship he does not fully realise that Scene by Scene all she wants is revenge on his woman!

Inspiration for these works: is my own life...life long drama of being stalked and the different reasons why, only by September last year 2021 there was just a strong sense in the air of such a betrayal but I cannot quiet put my finger on why...you know the feeling when there has just been somebody wanting you to be jealous of them...but you are not. Or...of someone who has just been creeping around on whatever you do or who ever you want or had. Then they want to give you a run down on all that they done wrong to you way after you have moved on. Well, that is the feeling and momentum behind this work!

It is Self-Revealing because it makes you question you own motives, even if you are left struggling to remember if you had done the same thing! So Jarring when all you want to do is move one with your life especially at a later time in your life!
But hey...this is @naturalflowismstudios Where Therapy is always the Process!
Natural Flowism
A Freedom of Being in a Love that is too Good to Ever by Destroyed!


Me never trouble little papa too tough
Ah true him ah deh 50 year plus
Likkle Papa never know what the real meaning be
All she wants is revenge on me...