Becoming...passing the inbetween

There is a space between  Boiled water  Curtains cleaned Something has bothered you You need to scrape clean Criteria upon  A need to be free A learned experience Is the option open But the contents may inhibit Conditions An order … Read more

No Rush Or Hurry

The Quandary Why is it? When you appear  To have found your calling It is loud and clear Not only you can hear You are doing your gift But...  You still feel a compelling drive To thrive At something elseRead more

An Intermission Appearance

Upon a voyage of non existence Flattened by the transparent Covered into an experience Only for an exponent to appear!
Release of a Conduit!
Marvel @ Change
The releasing of a union That phased an age Creating the  Time dazed … Read more

You want to be an entrepreneur but...

Just sitting allowing the ideas
 feelings to flow through!
You want to be an entrepreneur But..  you were forced to be jumped into a gang because that is the only way in that small town,  you, and your family… Read more

Freedom is the feeling

I went down the road to buy five fishes and two loaves of bread
I could think of nothing else
Was I obsessed?

I went to work
 on holiday
 listened to music
 went for a walk
 met others
 did… Read more

Day and Night

I have fought day and night I have fought every page I have worried about every page view  But is that what the wanting entrepreneur is supposed to do?
A poet by day A poet by night In the pitRead more