TUiD wants to confront Lavinia

But in the meanwhile sit wondering and dreaming up Coarse Work  why...In a form of skilful hatred a town is skilfully run raggedigidee by its own willingness to reject and accept wrong opposites?
Late to bed  Early to rise Makes…

TUiD in....there was just something about them?

That feeling of needing to do something big to stay relevant - the investigation whilst trying to create the biggest "non-event" for someone else!
If you saw it on a ward Someone madly running to frantically do something before someone…

TUiD is in...The Evolving Greed

Coarse Work Text Book Work Unfinished Moments She keeps getting to unfinished moments! They all keep evolving around "unfinished" moments Guilt keeps on calculating and meticulously planning  1.Whilst innocence just keeps on enjoying a freedom of being? T or F? …


It's nice to see people be themselves Not all tense and full of pretence Reciting lines forced by uncomfortable horrible circumstances of someone else Holding them hostage until they cannot tell or be their true selves Its nice to see…

Dear God What more should I do or ask to be set free?

Even as free with freedom still on the...31/08/2020@09:40-09:43 At the sound of the thought = the class room is at the police station the sound of a revving helicopter stops!
Was it an illusionist telethapy or a limping school boys…

TUiD & A Peace Office & The Escape!


"Get the fuck back here and sort this out!"  "What out?" "The bit about the way you investigate not by last location but by diagnosis...i ask you what on earth where you forget the line which said…

TUiDs @ The Delinquency!

I need to get this frump flower started Make sure I stay out of the spite house and away from fucking them up Malice!

Lorry driving for me and I dare to say I should imagine to many others has…