You want to be an entrepreneur but...

Just sitting allowing the ideas
 feelings to flow through!

You want to be an entrepreneur
 you were forced to be jumped into a gang
because that is the only way in that small town,
 you, and your family can be free?
Already before you get started
 the boss of everyone else
 is your worst enemy!
 you have fallen foul
 to every pathway
 in which you need to succeed.

Everyday you say to yourself 
Where I am at now is not for me
It is not forever!
Something else is intended for me!
You know it!
You feel it every moment.
You just do not know how or when.

As a poet...
I start a poem
I never usually know 
how it is going to end!
I just sit open to the moment that I am sitting in,
 with a willingness to use,
 any positive healing tool, 
that is present!