The Obvious...

I swear the thing about the obvious is that everybody or almost everybody sees it but maybe just maybe not everybody can say it, because it is obvious

It is lined up perfectly 
Because it is obvious
But it begs something which is obviously obvious whilst not yet being obvious obviously!
Something happened around me in such away I know it was something of someone obvious yet it has possibly morphed into something of someone doing what they do less obviously 

I was fine alert and awake
Then felt a very fine slight movement of air swipe from top left of my face and as if it was pull down to the bottom right of my face toward my jaw as a car emerged from the service station to merge with the flow of motorway traffic

But upon approach my thoughts turned to suddenly being filled with dread of being forced to feel drowsy when it is not what I am feeling really. Yet if you know a regular occurrence will occur it is obviously wise to be prepared but not so obvious to confirm that us an attacker lagging behind as they wait and gauge their approach which will leave being yanked and dragged and feeling battered just for doing the work you need which matters.

There are halls and corridors filled of those which suffer the most horrendous ills whilst causing the most cruel and dreadful skilled in appearance distracting their obvious inability to have any kind and healthy  intention 

Many visit and work with the Intention of healing and being kind
I was one of them at one point in time. But I was too immature to look back to see who would have seen me or noted me in my blind empathy to know what cruelty would do when kindness is shown. 

It is much more obvious now 
Because years of experience has forced me to wake up to the multiple tricks of distraction easily preyed upon whilst I try to prioritise my focus and attention

It is obvious
But it leaves an obvious thing
Something which leaves the obvious less obvious yet obviously present
Natural Flowism 
A Freedom of Being!