What is in the power of nosiness?
What is it really?
How many of us actually recognize nosiness as  being a big part of being or trying to be controlling  toward others, and is that recognition the key to getting over it as a socially named problem? 
Is it really just about somebody being a nuisance or is there a deep rooted clinical problem?
The  bravado from which nosey people operate is dumbfounding when considering nothing is their business but their own business!
So why is it nosey people can force some people to be altered mentally emotionally and in any other way possible?
No boundaries?
I remember listening to someone many years ago now, thankfully who was quite entertained by all the excuses they had used to gain access into their neighbours houses!
Its beyond cringe worthy now when I think back on the years I was a curtain twitcher. Someone desperate to escape the abuse, poverty, lost and filled with a fear of never finding success and remain trapped behind that curtain where I never wanted to be in the first place. The minute I was distracted long enough else where I was gone from behind that damned God forsaken curtain and all its awful representations of feeling so trapped hated and bated by those who only ever knew you as someone stuck behind that bloody ugly fucking curtain! Not as somebody bright full of life ambition inspiration hopes dreams, and ability to be more than any stuck or negative or abused people can deem you to be!
“Let me out they squeal” or so it used to feel to me!
Never been so glad for the days of not being stuck behind the curtain no more. But with the advent of social media all our research can be done without any intrusion can’t it. Apart from if you find yourself trying to please a very dirty mogul boss who demands you search the country inside out to find the latest idea? Invention? For his or her express exploitation?


Your Life will never be about needing to be nosey, or violent, or cruel, or controlling to somebody else. 
But you dis-ease, illness, and disorder will be!
 Likewise there is no point in telling anybody “we've told them or warned them to stop their behaviours or cruel treatment towards others” especially after 3 to 4 warnings without adequately assessing those individuals for incurable health damages first?

A Stalker iNbetween Love
I had known her: he explained 
But yet it was hard to explain it as love
Yet when he saw her in potential danger....
In the presence of a man who would go on to hurt her
All he could he do was warn him about the significance of the shirt he was wearing
What good can it do you if someone who claims the are acting or serving from a place of love who never see fit to tell you the truth?
To feel an overwhelming sensation of love But to never know which man it came from
To feel you know someone has always cared but could never step out of their own space because of unbridled fear as if ths truth is stooping to low
To keep you protected without you knowing who why or what it is you are being protected from?
Has a stalker come between love?
What would this look like if the script was flipped?
Stalker iNbetween Love?
It pierced my heart the title stalker in between love
To feel love in the absence and distain and rejection when nothing around you is safety but a long running comedy of questioners watching you as they get nosier braver and mislead into a feeling of entitlement which unbeknownst to them is divorcing them from thenselves!