Living in the 'let go'

Living in the ‘let go’

In the present but in the ‘let go’

Living on a sprawling estate of the ‘no go’

How is love going to know?

Even though

I am living in the ‘let go’

I get up from a desk

Let go in the present of the moment that is now in the past of where I was sitting

Living in the ‘let go’

Sprawling estate

How is love going to know?

Even though with every move I make I move into the ‘let go’

I let go of the moment in the moment I moved

I let go of one function while creating another

Living in the ‘let go’

Automatic ‘let go’

Static the only thing the body can do is blink in the ‘let go’

Frozen still


In every passing moment

‘let’s go’

Living in the ‘let go’

Living in the ‘let go’

Living in the ‘let go’

How is love going to know?

How will love find me?

When I do not even know where to go?

How will I conquer all?

When I cannot find love in myself for myself?

How is love ever going to know?

When my ears want to hear certain words formed into certain sentences

Designed into certain paragraph’s that are filled with meaningful phrases

How is love going to know?

How is love going to know where to find my lost, and buried soul?

If I have lived a life with no knowledge of how to know?

If I naturally. Automatically. Do not have the capacity, or capability, to know?

How is love going to know?

When I have only just learnt I am always letting go!

That love is only lost

Love only seems lost

Love only appears absent

When not recognised as omnipresent!

You pronounce me as non-existence

By your own insistence

Even though

I am always present

You claim I do not know

When I am the one who has filled you with the contrast of what appears like rain, dirt, mud, and cold

You believe nothing

Or nobody is around

Yet I fill you with the breath and the voice that makes the complaining sound

Love is everywhere

In the very choice of change and adhere

In every single movement, or non-movement there is a ‘let’s go’

Love is movement

Love moves with movement

Love changes what is still by the moments that tick by

Love is present in the journey that is Life

Love is present in the knowledge of every individual life

Though pain, heartache, abandonment, and cruelty exist

As real

Not always in a fleeting glimpse

As honest in the brutality it gives

Concrete in the heartache and ‘good’ that it punishes

Though abuse and heartache can remove every feeling

Natural sense

Knowledge of the existence of love

Love is within

Love is every time you get up from being down

From being thumped to the ground

Love is in the attack you survived

That made you decide to do more with your life

Though addiction may have you buckled and held tight to its side

Love is in the recognition of the calling of its name


“Love. ‘Love’ make this painful, hard, hurtful situation, easy for me to embrace, easy for me to leave, easy for me to hold onto, easy for me to find who I am within, within the situation I am faced with in this moment, and in the moment it changes, love…. make it easy for me to ‘let go’”

The passion of someone’s love for what they do

For what they can do is all around

In every city

Every Town

Every country house, lane, or field

Every lake

Every space, home, and business place you can see

In every monument erected to commemorate moments of achievement

Even though time has passed
Unites hearts

Though we feel fail

Unable to recognise where we might be

Love is in the nature of the flower, and the weed


Love is

When recognised

As it is

As Love

That love

That is omnipresent 
Around us all

Natural Flowism

A Freedom of Being!