How much resources do stalkers use?

Truths and Falsehoods

It costs to stalk someone doesn't it?
Not that I need to ask
It just stands to reason that you need resources to do anything in life
Even if you find yourself down and out and homeless you still are using some kind of resource 
Cardboard box
Pavement street
Most of all your own human energy there is always something a human being has or needs from another human being whether we like to admit it to ourselves or anyone else or not!
Stalkers pay to stalk
Someone who feels compelled to turn up everyday around someone who may not even know them or had or has become so sickened by them they cannot even stand to havr them around, despite making it expressly clear they no longer want them in their lives but as a result the rejection triggered the other person into a psychotic level of needing to stay in that person’s life or remain in some kind of contact to that person which makes them pay in some way every day to annoy=stalk in some shape or form the person who turned them away!

Regardless of the trigger is a stalker pays. They invest money time and their life's energy in trying to control something which no longer exists!

Stalkers always pay!

A stalker is also some one who has become so sick or has no brain function which will let them know they are so sick that they automatically are MISusing all resources available to them?

Either way a stalker pays!

A stalker will always make a misguided investment?

True or False?

A stalkers perception of what is worth it is scared, blinkered, flawed? 
True or False?

Nothing a stalker decides to do adds up correctly?
True or False?


That is exactly what the illness leads to one way or the other whether that be time, money, or energy. It is also a debt forced upon who ever is being stalked as their energy can be forced to become misaligned their brain becomes de-activated by whosoever stalks them?

A stalker is someone who could possibly be seen as someone who might automatically owes a debt owed to someone or everyone in society true or false? 
Especially if found to be wilfully carrying out their antics especially if very rich and incredibly powerful and astute in how they continue to carry out what stalking activities they create and are doing? True or False?
For some reason or the other there was an intense presence of should I put it...It really felt like someone’s very jealous needing to want to stir up jealously toward themselves? 
It has been the most bizarre detail to witness, feel, deal with, dismiss or resolve!
Seeing drivers twisting and contorting their bodies whilst driving to either look up at vehicle mirrors, cameras, driver or to pass on telepathic messages through an exposed area of the neck! Which is bizarre enough especially if directed toward one who is clearly an expressionist who can communicate in a very direct manner what would the need be? Years of guilt? Years of using and abusing some who never had any clue that it was you? All this time? Even though everybody else knew it was you, all this time later?
Without a doubt some one like me would be seen as perfect fodder for anyone out to take advantage of anyone who shares so readily and so freely. Many people sick with the need to abuse often see freebies and as a way to get even more instead of Being grateful for what has already been gifted!
To stalk someone in real life is a dangerous game if Only seen as a game?!
To stalk someone is a costly and dangerous way if Only seen as a game that needs to be played and not as a serious clinical condition that needs an ongoing large investment to tackle and successfully bring to recovery, treatment, justice, and closure?
What chance does someone have in life if they never knew until it was almost too late that all their parents did by following all the correct guidelines by sending them to nursery, to school  meant they were actually sending their child into the hands of life long predators that would go on to capitalize on that child’s life and every decision and move that child made in life in every shape or form? Because who was really able to properly be checking back in the day that each an every child or person was safe when so many were left so broken after war? 
During the many years of my life a stalkers have affected it still took me many years later to consider possible motives. Suppose the man who stalked my late Mother home during the early hours of the 60's thought somehow her work at a hospital had somehow affected him and his family?
Suppose variation on a theme of faces that each family has wasn’t true and their were 9 wicked midwives who were having a laugh deciding to send all the babies born in that week home with the wrong parents and have a laugh about it there after? Which left people like me believing they had been born and grown up in the wrong family? Given that birth certificates are registered and written up way after the event of a birth possible or not impossible? To have birth certificate signed off by the wrong innocently unsuspecting parents? Considering back in the day some babies were handed straight to a midwife and whisked away to further care while mom got some much needed rest?
 Whilst not wanting to cast dispersion on the profession it is some how now easy to see where it could all be so possible?
It’s a horrible and awfully illness to stalk someone despite how glamorous and funny it could be made too look. It can leave in its productivity and malfunction so many left trying to heal from so many lies, deceit, rage, anger, defiance disorders, spite, and slights! 
But what is continuing to keep society constantly testing and putting people who are willing to speak out about the hell, cost, mental and emotional anguish, and adversity they are continually forced to live thought on a daily basis, what is it that is keeping society from attacking the messenger so to speak?
What would the cost of protesters, terrorist, or corruption look like if stalking was mentioned as being part of them all?
Natural Flowism
A Freedom of Being!