Freedom is the feeling

I went down the road to buy five fishes and two loaves of bread
I could think of nothing else
Was I obsessed?

I went to work
 on holiday
 listened to music
 went for a walk
 met others
 did other things
the idea was still there.

I stopped and felt for danger to anyone else

Quiet is the silence that let me feel and think
Noise like a fragrance that let me see where calm was needed

Freedom is the feeling
Once confusion is  no longer asking any questions!

To do it because you know you will always love it, is the answer

It is just to love what it is you decide to do
That is what I have found and is what I am sharing with you
It is a feeling of love that will always be present
Grounding every part of your energy system
Like the presence of a forest
Filled with animals quietly abiding!

Natural Flowism
A freedom of being!