Fanaticism pt 9

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I am so thankfully grateful and blessed to repent and surrender to the forgiveness purpose and power life is!
Thou Shalt not Leave!
Set out feeling great
Driving along enjoying the sound of the engine, the wind blowing, or some fine music 
Minding my own pretty business
But the cars start lingering in the mirror
Driving slower
Then a feeling comes over
Feels like puffs of air rising or swiping down across your face
You still ani't taking any notice because your driving and trying to do what is road safe
Cars suspiciously waiting driving 
A Yellow Van 
An energy swathing begins occurring
The next thing you know you are struggling to stay awake behind the wheel whilst driving!
Forced to fall asleep
There is a long line of traffic driving in the same lane behind you
Lengths and lengths of long trucks
But you observe one driver with their lights too high or too bright
That driver keeps pulling out and flashing lights
You try to ignore it but it keeps happening and then you start to feel you energy changing
Forced to change again
Because someone is practicing something in the belief it will never be identified as someone else
A jealously of such hate
Which can never congratulate
A jealously of such hate
Which hates anyone who can graduate
A jealously of such hate
Which will concoct and derive a way to destroy in such away that evidence will only ever point at one perceived as a victim and equally as a survivor for ignoring the aims of the one so jealous!
Driving down the road again
And many will try claim  something is wrong with the state you are in
Stressed out and traumatised, yes!
Terrified even to be left not earning after the years jealously managed to find their way into destroying what the mundane and boring where doing to make a living!
But they had to get into destroy everything
How dare she leave and seek better from education or any job place and most of all my life!
But you will be to blame if it is not seen or realised that this is the work of possible levels of highly psychiatric illnesses
It is not that you are without compassion 
But this continues on because of where the levels began
It is hard to have to speak out against someone
It is hard to forced to speak out against a regime
It is hard to be one person forced into a position to have to stand up to an entire institution which also holds or has at one time held within it abusive beliefs and systems!
Thou Shall Leave a State of Fear for a Love which will always understand no guilt will ever abide where illness is left to thrive!
Driving down the road
Poked prodded shoved
By energy derived from illnesses or the necessity to resist
Feeling forced to use your imagination to match the hate sent into your system
Where you are driving down the road and again feel woozy after the driver of the red car infront is lingering and watching you as you drive past crackit lane
Waiting and gauging for when the "sleep now" command can go in
Excerpt from up and coming book

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