Fanaticism Passage 27

The world has come on a bit since the beginning of inventions
They invented the pound which will have absolutely no value if produced in high quanity which will allow just about anybody to live abundantly if printed made easy?!
Are you gonna tell no one has caught on to the biggest sadistic murderous trick known to man?
Of all the things the world has invented you gonna tell all this time no one can come up with a Monterey  system that will not devalue due to quantity or scale?
In this whole amount of time with people walking and running fast fast with brief case busy busy in the city not starting only speaking the middle
"If we print print like that the value of currency will go down
Instead of looking at how much time that has gone by creating lack like fact!!
Its the same vexations I am having with my own inner self in my own personal worls whilst deep in thankfulness and gratitude know that without any doubt but as well this is not just me its on the mind of many!
Fucking eeking and peetering it out like funking bird fucking food and the forest is still fricking full of it
Everybody's is talking in the middle the currency value is gonna go down well that was back then how well healed was anybody back then?
You would fink if it got fucking started as what it is it can change from what it is I can't understand how that is not some first flip?
It seems like such an ignigma to me
That those with a much quicker and clearer brain processing and mind function just wouldn't see divide and conquer from devalue to appreciating values?
Of this is not comprehensive cooperate fact or knowledge 
Its part of a simple poetry book
All the things which has been invented up until now that has changed all our lives and yet still...
...something feels like it has snapped and it can so easy-ish to change
Not that creating a financial construction or infrastructure is easy not that I would know
But what has become of money  does not have to be so brain and soul destroying either.
Boy, I don't know what has come over me but this has been with me for some time. 
Since seeing certain boundaries just thrown down toward my life
Things on a personal level I did not mean to allow happen but had no strength to do anything else or allow certain individuals to get away with violations against me which should have been followed up and through a correct system. If you do stop serial sex offenders they become more angry and possibly even more subtle but it never just ends there unfortunately 
Its strength and behaviour patterns which get all tied up 
And now its mens rea
And maybe as well that it may also be that brunette man on the tube train all those years ago as I was going up down and around town getting to work who sat with a large baggy coat feathered neck length hair blatantly holding a brand new pack of what looked like minted money sat across from me looking focused but daze was he trying to show me something so obvious about what world change is?
I dare you!
I dare you to see flip it change it and stop talking about what isn't as if is!
Just for being a Poet of sorts theres back lash misinterpretation, the how dare she! Possessiveness's over expression...but hey!