Are their Grabbing you're Crutches too?

1st Incidents
Tbey cruise by
You're  on road
All of a sudden you're seat feels: A cluck 
A punch 
A pull
A bunch of breeze
Behind near you're  low back
A feeling of clamp
3.5ton weight
Bowels feel inflated 
Another plot
Another strange experience.which remains unstated who would believe you?
It is hard to know what others see when they see you
More feelings ir sensation of somekind of sexual type feeling
So easy to take the blame upon yourself
But no other sensatuon was happening until they come driving toward flashing their light with all tbis underground nasty shit happening!
At times every single car that passes
So....who  is paying to have the other roads airmarked as closure?
Could imagine a plot so wicked?
The need to abuse one person or one family
A decision made?
Or someone's worsening condition?
Had a plot or plan for somebody life and that of their children to get in and amongst everything they are created or inherited
An obsession that went along with everything?
The decision to forced ithers to feel exactly they do not want to feel. Something they spent developing and funding
But what are they really grabbing?
What gossip are they truly creating?
The gift of word guzzled and appreciated
Why not just drive by without any clinging needs created under the of the guise friendship whilst fulling the needs of assaulting?
There are memory prompts on road to drive safe and so on, and so forth
There are memory prompts and warnings if thieves operate in an area. But where are theives memories prompts or early lessons?
For instance....
Remember: to leave things where they are since they do not belong to you!
2. Belongings left unattended is not an "opportunity" for you!
3. The vehicle you are driving is a potential weapon do not do anything to any other driver to cause an altered state of mind!
Can memory prompts from social orgnisation who have the monopoly on crime and behaviour put an end to those who face daily, hourly, or moment to moment assault?
Do pupils who were forced unto schools for delinquents have to pay the price for the rest of their lives?
Anybody else sick and tired of the amount of power that appears to be or given to stalkers,  if any of this could give rise to any truth?
Natural Flowism 
A Freedom of Being!