An Intermission Appearance

Upon a voyage of non existence

Flattened by the transparent

Covered into an experience

Only for an exponent

to appear!




Marvel @ Change

The releasing of a union

That phased an age

Creating the 

Time dazed

 Images appeared on the 
Twenty eighth of November
Two Thousand and Fifteen
in a journal entry
Healers of an Argument!

Natural Flowism

Where have you been?

Got on a plane and landed abroad

Did not quite know where I was and what will happen
I just knew I wanted to change

Change something deep within

I wanted to make a shift

I did not know where to begin

I wanted to see something

I did not know what I wanted to see

I wanted to begin

But did not know where to begin
I was trying to resist the writing process
At times the entrance of inspiration feels like it takes your breathing to a different rhythm
It can sound and feel like heavy breathing
An obstruction to your breathing that does not quite choke you

I wanted to stop being distracted

Natural Flowism
A Freedom of Being